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      The new agricultural development group vision: to become a leader in the national agricultural modernization

      "Vision" means the long-term aspirations of the enterprise and the future situation, the blueprint for the development of the organization, reflecting the eternal pursuit of the organization.

      The new agricultural not a milk prices, cotton prices or pharmaceutical companies, and is based on the advantages of agricultural resources in the region, and continue to explore between each advantage resources complementary and Innovation -- Based on the regional resources

      Service ability is intensive agricultural production, marketing level to improve the key ability, is a better use of agricultural resources, marketing resources core method, but also the future of new farming to become a modern agricultural industry leading an important means of achieving, develop the service ability

      The whole industry chain is the trend of the development of agricultural industry, the competition in the future will from product competition to industry chain competition changes, new agricultural future will also to the development of the whole industry chain, and the formation of the competitive advantage of the whole industry chain - to build the whole industry chain

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